My entire life has been manipulated by other’s lies and secrets. Choices have been taken out of my hands before I even knew they existed. Loved ones have been ripped from my life.

Yet, somehow, I am supposed to guide others down the road of forgiveness.

I am Father Ronan O’Hanlon, but I may not be for long. Situations have arisen that are making me consider walking away from a calling I never got in the first place. Where will I go, though? Fall in full swing with my birthright as a member of the O’Hanlon family, where I can master the art of secrets and lies?

All I’ve known is the Church, my parishioners, and the women I’ve blessed with my own holy spirit. I don’t know how to be anything but the collar around my neck. All I can do is pray for a miracle for my family and guidance for me.

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