Patrick O’Hanlon

I’m known as “The Cleaner.” If you’re wondering why, it’s because when I’m on the job, you’d never know I was ever there. You’d never know anyone was involved; I’m that good.

What I’m not so good at is my personal life. I’m one of four O’Hanlon’s. As much as my brothers and I butt heads, we have each other’s back—no matter what. We weren’t so good at keeping our thumbs on our sister, Eevee, though. We lost track of her, and when she came back into our lives, we weren’t able to protect her like we had always pledged to. She was murdered before our eyes. She wasn’t the target, but that information doesn’t bring her back. Now all we are left with is: memories, a million questions, and massive amounts of rage. But that’s not all we have; we have Brigid.

Brigid is our seven-year-old niece that we knew nothing about until Eevee left her in our care. We must do a better job at keeping her safe. While we do that, Savanna will help me raise her as our own. She’s counting on me for her protection, as well.

Savanna Aiello

I have a gift that could be catastrophic in the wrong hands. I need protection and the only ones I can count on are the O’Hanlon’s, specifically—Patrick. The only thing that gets me through day after day of worrying is that sweet, precious little girl. I fell in love with her on day one, and I’m enjoying every minute of raising her. What I didn’t expect was to fall in love with Patrick. I’ve never been lucky in love before, but it looks like that is all about to change.

I know Patrick will go to the ends of the earth to protect Brigid and me. But it may be too much to ask for my father’s protection. The same man responsible for Eevee’s death.

This isn’t your typical fairytale. The stakes are higher than any of us could ever have imagined. There are too many roads to turn down and no clear direction for this journey.

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