Nickelback - Never Gonna Be Alone Lyrics2

a story of a young woman (played by Emily Bett Rickards) who has lost her father. The video opens with the young woman in a limousine being taken to her wedding. She is holding a fake blue flower with her bouquet. As she walks down the aisle, she looks back at her mother and father, who are smiling proudly. The scene then cuts back to her high school graduation, where her father is again smiling and clapping for her as she receives her diploma. The video flashes back three more times, the first with the girl’s father seeing her off to her prom and the second with him teaching her how to ride a bike. The final flashback shows the father’s funeral, the young woman being just a little girl. She is holding two fake flowers in her hand, one yellow and one blue (the blue one being similar to the one at her wedding). She tosses the yellow one into her father’s grave. The events in the flashbacks are shown again from a different perspective, each time the girl looks up at her father and sees him disappear in a shimmer of light. Back at the wedding, the girl is still looking back, seeing her father’s ghost surrounded in light. She realizes that he has still been there for her all along, even in death. The girl places the blue flower in her new husband’s breast pocket, and the two wed. As they are leaving the church, the video cuts to her father once more, smiling proudly. He disappears for the final time, his daughter now fully grown up.

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