Maribel's Decadent Miniatures

Maribel's Decadent Miniatures 💚
By Theresa Sederholt
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He is determined to save his business; she is determined to protect her heart.

My name is Rayden Cornell and I have been drifting through life, trying to find that magical passion that helps life make sense. Until recently, life meant living in my parent’s basement. A chance to go to culinary college led me to where I am today—on my way to becoming a very successful businessman. I want to emphasize the phrase “on my way” because everything was going great until I opened the mail one fateful day.

I’m Dani Bernard, medium and counselor to young girls who have the same talent as I do. Living in Mescalero, New Mexico is the perfect place for me as I try to heal my shattered soul. I thought I was doing pretty well until I saw the image of my sister being used as the face for some guy’s pastry business. In a moment of despair, I reacted. I probably should have thought twice about sending the letter, but it was already on its way before I could take it back. The one thing I never expected was that the letter would change my life the way it did.

Success and tragedy meet and two hearts will have to decide what the future will hold for them.

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