I Am Not Your Difference

A Fitz Series Book 4

Andy Justice is a single dad, trying to teach his daughter, Stella, how to live in a world without labels . . . to love and be loved for who she is. To value family and friends, and always be kind. The lesson may not seem extraordinary, but when you’re a single, gay man, battling Parkinson’s who’s adopted a deaf girl orphaned because her mother was murdered, it has a lot more significance in the meaning.

These two have become the perfect medicine to heal each other’s heart. Andy just never thought he would be doing this alone. His husband, Stephen, was not on board with raising Stella. Between Andy’s illness and the special circumstances surrounding Stella, it was all too much for him. So . . . he walked away.

Just when Andy has settled into his new life with Stella and feels ready to give his heart another chance at finding love, Stephen unexpectedly contacts him and asks to meet. Andy agrees, if only to have his say, something he never had the chance to do before.

When the meeting happens, Andy finally feels the confidence to move on. Stella is his focus now, and even though Stephen will always have a place in his heart, he finds his closure. However, things are completely opposite in Stephen’s world, as seeing Andy only confirms what he’s been afraid to admit all along—he’s made a huge mistake. Now he has to do everything possible to win Andy back, to have the future that was always meant to be.

While Andy and Stephen are working on whether they will have a future together or not, a serial killer, who is targeting gay men, has other plans for them both.

There’s only one man who can put all the pieces together in time to save them—Fitzgerald “Fitz” Rodriguez.

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