Blood Vows

Self-destruction is ingrained into human nature. Each person carries the ability to cause their own extinction in all facets of life. Intervention rarely changes anything because one thing is clear…no matter how hard we try to set someone on a new path, their choices will always belong to them.

Save her best friend’s life again or save the cousin she never knew she had. That is the dubious decision Michelina faces. She never imagined she’d turn out more like Carmine, the grandfather she hardly knew. He was ruthless, which was reflected in the hoard of enemies that followed him. The blood on her hands won’t wash away easily as Michelina gathers her strength to become the head of the Amato family.

The contention between family members begins to fester, as her stepbrother’s plans for Carmine’s legacy puts not only Michelina’s life in jeopardy, but also the life of her closest friend.

A house full of secrets will always be divided in the third installment of The Black Book Series by USA Today Bestselling Author, Theresa Sederholt.

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