SafetySuit originated as a band called Crew, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and was originally composed of singer Doug Brown, drummer Tate Cunningham, bassist Jeremey Henshaw, and guitar players Curtis Lloyd and Jesse Carey, who met while attending Oral Roberts University. After winning a local battle of the bands, Crew began to increase in popularity in their hometown of Tulsa, OK so the band recorded and co-produced Day After Yesterday with local producer David John. Curtis and Jesse left the band soon after to pursue other careers, and guitarist Dave Garofalo joined the band a few months later. In 2004 the band decided to relocate to Nashville, Tennessee and retitled Day After Yesterday to create the Crew EP. In the summer of 2005, the members of Crew were introduced to producer Greg Archilla and recorded a 4 song EP called Stay. The band continued to grow in popularity locally until they played a showcase at 12th & Porter where they were signed by Universal. After signing their record deal, the band changed their name to SafetySuit to avoid legal problems down the road.

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